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TFB Writes the strongest, funniest roasts for all occassions.

  Funny Biz Writers' recent clients include presenters at roasts of the most famous TV celebrity chefs & the most famous MMA/UFC fighters; an MD who was keynote speaker at a medical/health symposium with Bill Clinton, Michael Douglas and Bud Selig in attendance (and those men got zinged by FBW jokes); and a top Washington DC attorney delivering a mock trial argument to a sitting US Supreme Court Justice. Head writer Adam Gropman also wrote numerous jokes for syndicated TV show Comics Unleashed.

Best Man Wedding Speech TFB Client

Sample 'Moving Lips' Novelty Video with Political Celebrities, for Client Roasting an Acclaimed Doctor

Sample of TFB Owner's Standup Comedy Act

"TFB came to the rescue."

- George Ravich, EVP & Chief Marketing Officer, FundTech Corp, Jersey City, NJ

"They are truly blessed with the writing ability."

- Jr Redwater, "The Reservation Sensation", national touring comedian seen on Showtime, Orange County, CA.

TFB Client - Manager speaking to franchisees

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Comedic Writing for Public Speeches TFB writes the strongest, funniest roasts for all occasions- birthday, wedding, anniversary, bar mitzvah, corporate promotion, work retirement, recognition dinner, etc.- totally appropriate to the audience and situation, and individually customized to the particulars of the honoree and his/her world. TFB's clients have been thrilled and ecstatic after delivering their roast or funny speech and smashing it out of the park.

The Funny Business creates custom comedic writing and finished video products.


For speeches, roasts, toasts: Funny Biz Writers sends client a brief list of prompt questions about the honoree(s), the answers to which allow Funny Biz Writers to custom craft a totally personalized and appropriate speech. Client gets a round of edits upon receiving first draft so that what the client performs hits the bulls eye! Other projects (mixed presentations, scripts, videos, etc.) may differ slightly or greatly from this exact format.


"What a gift they possess."

- Bob Votruba, President, North American Creative Products, Ohio.

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